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Theosophical Order of Service

The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) was founded by Annie Besant in 1908, who as international president of the Theosophical Society (TS) was an ardent social activist. The TOS provides a framework in which people can engage in practical, creative, and humanitarian activities promoting the First Object: To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.

Focus on Personal Altruism and Service

Although Besant Branch as a whole is actively involved in local TOS projects, and donates to TOS at national headquarters, it is important to understand that TOS promotes Annie Besant’s vision that members design their own individual projects to work privately and discreetly behind the scenes. This conforms to the example of the Masters and great adepts throughout the ages who do not let their identities be known, and work incognito, doing large and small deeds in government, science, the arts, and wherever they can, to benefit humankind all over the world. Personal service, without recognition or reward, is a principal objective of Theosophists, and the main goal of TOS.

The TOS works locally and internationally in such areas as:

  • education
  • social welfare & justice
  • healing
  • peace
  • the environment
  • emergency relief
  • animal concerns
  • art & music

Ongoing Besant Branch TOS activities include:

  • Healing Targer Prayer Line – Available 24/7 –
  • Reiki Healing Group – Contact Bev: 440-333-2152
  • Edgar Cayce Healing Circle – Contact Mike Murphy: 330-562-4238
  • Recycling of magazines, books, CDs and DVDs
  • Donations to charities that operate consistently with Theosophical ideals, focusing on those that are lesser known and less well-funded.
  • Community Service Projects throughout the year.

Anyone can join these TOS service projects. Please contact us if you are interested.

Besant Branch TOS Community Service Project – Fall 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you for your generous support of our recent TOS projects involving Cleveland area shelters for the homeless and victims of domestic violence. We received very grateful feedback from the organizations for our donations of money and necessary supplies.

Besant’s TOS project for Fall 2019 gives us the opportunity to help an organization that has been important in Cuyahoga County for 50 years.  It is called Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K).  For thousands of Greater Cleveland area families, it is a constant struggle providing their children with basic clothing and school supplies.  With the help of SC4K, a vulnerable child can have access to new shoes, school uniforms, school supplies, and other basic clothing items, often improving their self-esteem and their school attendance.  Besant Branch Board has already offered to donate to this worthy cause so that SC4K has the resources to help children for the beginning of their 2019 school year.

If you wish to personally participate in this project, please bring or send your donations to Besant Branch (checks made out to “Besant TS”) and place “Attention: TOS” on the envelope. I will make sure that your donation is placed in the appropriate hands.

Thank you so much.


Pamela Natran
Besant Branch TOS Chairperson


Besant Branch gives annually to the following non-profit organizations in the Cleveland area, in keeping with Annie Besant’s call to service toward humanitarian causes. We also support The Theosophical Society in America, our national organization.
  • Cleveland Food Bank, Inc.
  • Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
  • Domestic Violence Center, Cleveland
  • Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland
  • Parma Animal Shelter
  • Providence House
  • Salvation Army Division Headquarters
  • The City Mission
  • Valley Save-A-Pet
  • WVIZ/PBS IdeaStream
Helping Hands with Sky and Sunset

Donations: Charitable Giving/Legacy

There are those members and friends who make the choice to donate to Besant Branch, to further its good works and its viability in the Cleveland area.  Donations are always welcome, and can be made via cash or legacy, which is a designation in a will.  Simple cash donations can be sent to Besant Branch.  For consultation regarding legacy donations, or more complex charitable giving, please contact us.