In The Theosophical Society of Cleveland

Membership in the Theosophical Society of Cleveland- Besant Branch includes membership in the National Theosophical Society. If interested, go to the “CONTACT” page of this website and check the membership box, and provide your information. Applications for membership are processed through the Cleveland Branch, and includes the following benefits:

24 Letters for New Members

A series of 24 letters to acquaint new members with basic theosophical principles.


Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library

Membership includes borrowing privileges (in person, online, or by mail) from the library’s collection of more than 20,000 books, periodicals, DVDs and audio CDs.

The Quest Magazine

A quarterly magazine of Theosophical-oriented articles on philosophy, religion, science, and the arts.

The Messenger

A newsletter to inform members of events at the national center and elsewhere, and other timely information that pertains to members.

Discounts on:

  • Purchases from the Quest Book Shop and the Theosophical Publishing House /Quest books, Wheaton IL.
  • Public lectures, workshops and seminars held in New York, California, and at Olcott, the national center located in Wheaton, IL

Opportunities to participate in:

  • Online Resources: Articles, videos, webinars, webcasts, lectures.
  • Annual Convention & Summer School
  • National Lodge Membership (free – one year)
  • Branches and Study Centers in major cities throughout the U.S.
  • Regional Theosophical-oriented camps, educational institutions, and service organizations.
    • Arkansas: Ozark Camp
    • California: Krotona School of Theosophy and Far Horizons Camp
    • Illinois: Olcott Institute
    • New York: Pumpkin Hollow Farm
    • Washington: Camp Indralaya Theosophical Order of Service
    • Theosophical Order of Service

In The Theosophical Society of Greater Cleveland, Besant Branch

Membership in the Besant Branch does not require any additional fees above those required by the TSA, and includes the following benefits:

Opportunities for:

  • Fellowship and camaraderie with like-minded seekers.
  • In-depth study of Theosophical and related topics: For example, the Ancient Wisdom teachings, meditation, Reiki, metaphysical classes of comparative philosophies, etc.
  • Self-development and growth.
  • Service to Theosophy and its core values as expressed in the Three Objects.

Access to:

  • The Library: An extensive collection on a wide variety of topics. All books, CD’s, DVD’s are available for loan to members. The library is available to members whenever the facility is open. Also, special arrangements can be made with the librarians for research and study.
  • The Bookstore: Many books are sold at cost for substantial savings over retail prices.
  • Target Prayer [3 Days] for anyone who requests prayer and healing for members and their families and friends.

Special Benefits:

  • Discounts on all lectures, workshops, classes, and seminars.
  • Scholarships are available to members after one or more years of membership. They must be approved by the Board.  Seminars, workshops, etc. must be related to Theosophy. The member is expected to do a short presentation to the membership about what they have learned. This also includes the opportunity to go to TSA National Headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois for their seminars, workshops, and special events.
  • Scholarships for dues are also available. Dues assistance is available for seniors over 65.
  • Helping Hand Fund: This is a financial (once only) opportunity given in confidentiality to a deserving member.
For interest in joining, or questions regarding membership, please contact us.