Classes – Summer 2020

**SOME CLASSES START JUNE 1ST.**  Please see President’s message on Contact Us page.  Check each class listed below for opening dates.


An Inner Journey with J. Krishnamurti  (TIME CHANGE)  (**POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**)
This is a self-study group based on J. Krishnamurti’s writings.  Krishnamurti can be our teacher in this class through his book The Awakening of Intelligence, where he demonstrates how our emotional and psychological conditioning creates a veil of distortion through which we experience our lives.  He shows us how becoming aware of these emotion-thought patterns lifts these veils so that we can experience freedom from “the conditioned mind,” and open to our higher selves.   Class time has been changed to 4:00 PM (from 7:00 PM)

Facilitator:  Tammy Stefan Shaffer  H 216-631-0563; C 216-645-1225
Class time: 4:00 PM, every Monday.  Ongoing class.
All are welcome.


Reiki Instruction/Hands on Healing  (**POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**)
Class begins with a brief meditation followed by hands-on healing treatments. Those wanting treatments, please arrive on time so we know how many we will be treating. Reiki I, II, and III instruction is offered.

Facilitator: Bev Cotton 440-333-2152
Class time: 9:30 AM-Noon, every Tuesday. Ongoing class.
All are welcome. Please check with facilitator if inclement weather.

Classes Summer 2019

Edgar Cayce Study Group  (TIME CHANGE)  (**STARTING SOON**)
The two Tuesday evening study groups that have been exploring the readings of Edgar Cayce are now combined into one group, with gatherings now held on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 PM, after morning Reiki.   This class discovers truths in our lives through meditation, dream study, inspiration, and outer reflections, according to the readings of Edgar Cayce.  Discussion, videos, and tapes are used.

Facilitators: Michael Murphy 330-562-0770
Class time: 1:00 PM, Tuesdays.  Ongoing class; however, some classes may be preempted by Mike’s schedule.  It is always best to check with Mike if you are not sure about whether the class is meeting.  All are welcome.


A Journey in Search of Truth  (**FIRST CLASS JUNE 11, 2020**)
Current Book:  God, The Substance of All Form

Using books by Joel Goldsmith, this class pursues the unfolding of Divine Consciousness and a greater realization of Truth.  As the current book is completed, we will move on to the next book entitled God, The Substance of All Form.

Facilitators: Linda Walker 440-715-3796
Class time: 10 AM–Noon, every Thursday. Ongoing class.
All are welcome.


Open Library
The Library is open anytime there is a class.  If you would like additional time to use the Library, please contact Rich.  Only members can check out books; however, everyone is welcome to browse the library.

Facilitator: Rich Denson 330-725-7467
All are welcome.

** All classes are by donation (suggested $5.00) unless otherwise stated.  All donations are welcome.

** Remember to check the website for changes. The opinions and statements made by all facilitators do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of The Theosophical Society in America or its members. Please contact the facilitators with questions.